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How To Use Business Contracts Effectively

All business owners, and those who engage in business practice, must write and agree to contracts on a daily basis. Since contract law is at the heart of most business dealings, it is one of the most important areas of legal concern because it can involve infinite variations and complexities.

It is essential for any business person to consult with a contract attorney to ensure their interests are protected. Lerman Law Associates, P.C., can help.  We have three offices to better serve you. Contact us at one of our offices in Kennesaw, Alpharetta or Atlanta today.

What Defines A Contract?

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties. A valid contract can take on different forms: oral, written, express or implied. The basic elements of a contract are: offer, acceptance, promise to perform and consideration.

Lerman Law Associates, P.C., drafts and prepares client contracts that protect clients’ business interests for the duration of their contractual agreements.

An Attorney To Address Your Complex Business Needs

Attorney Craig Lerman has a master’s degree in business administration. He knows that the more time you take to draft and review your business contracts the likelihood of a legal dispute in the future greatly diminishes.

Lerman Law Associates, P.C., will draft, prepare and review various types of contracts, including:

  • Sales contracts
  • Employee contracts
  • Nondisclosure/noncompete
  • Service contracts
  • Professional contracts
  • Consulting agreements

Contract attorney Craig Lerman has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all of your professional contractual needs.

Before you sign any business contract or agreement, consult with a business attorney to ensure that your interests are protected for the duration of the contract. We regularly provide representation throughout Fulton and Cobb counties.

How To Contact Lerman Law Associates, P.C.

Attorney Craig Lerman prides himself on building long-term relationships with clients in the Greater Metro Atlanta area. For a free initial consultation, contact the firm online or call 678-888-5773 to speak with someone in one of our offices in Kennesaw, Alpharetta or Atlanta.