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3 tips for responding to reviews of your business

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Business Litigation |

The open forum of the internet makes it easy for people to let others know about their experiences with companies. Many business owners don’t fully understand how they can use reviews to their benefit. They also don’t realize that their responses to reviews could land them in legal trouble. 

It’s possible to use a positive review to grow your business, but most people don’t understand that even negative reviews can be a good thing for a business. How you respond to reviews determines what will happen. Think about these points as you handle online reviews of your company:

1. Avoid personal attacks

Never directly attack a person who left a review. Your response to the matter should be based on the facts of the situation. While it might not be very likely that they’d take legal action because of what you say in the response, it’s best to avoid the possibility. 

2. Only offer solutions you can handle

You should only offer the complainant solutions you know you can actually do. You could face legal action if you offer a solution and don’t follow through with it. It may be better to discuss what you are willing to do in private, also, rather than on a public forum.

3. Always follow up

Following up with the client after a fix is implemented can give you an idea of whether they’re pleased with how things ended up. This could help you to avoid legal action against your company. 

Taking action to protect your business is crucial. One important component of this is ensuring you have appropriate contracts and understand how to approach complaints by your clients. If your company faces legal action from someone who wasn’t happy with your goods or services, you should have someone on your side who can handle the matter for you so you can continue to focus on growing your business.