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Intellectual property considerations in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Intellectual Property |

Copyrights and patents apply in countless situations, and trademark law is the anchor of marketing for almost all established businesses. Even small businesses need copyrighted names and symbols in order to protect their brand, especially when uniqueness is a primary marketing aspect. Competitors commonly imitate their rivals in business, and infringement can impact sales when a competitor is borrowing ideas.

This economic marketing competition problem means that intellectual property concerns can exist on the local business environment as well as with major corporations that own rights to IP that they use on a daily basis to grow the company. There are many of these business operators Georgia, and the state has established regulations to assist those needing licensing protection. This means it is vital for owners to conduct some detailed research regarding specific requirements in Georgia before applying for product or trademark protection.

One particular aspect of intellectual property law application is that local protection of registered trademarks or patents is impacted first by state and local law. There are no international protections, and U.S. trademark registration violations are evaluated according to federal law after first being evaluated by local and state law. IP owners operating businesses in Georgia must have solid working knowledge of local laws as well as any intellectual property that is licensed or registered nationally.

Intellectual property law cases can create problems for many business owners who are infringing even in the slightest manner. This is why businesses in Georgia should conduct a thorough evaluation of company intellectual property ownership. An experienced intellectual property attorney may provide professional input on how company IP could be better protected.